Rosalie Koerts - Senior Sales Manager at Keesing Technologies

We live in a time where customer experience is paramount. How can banks ensure a smooth onboarding process where they identify their customers reliably within the rules of the privacy regulations (GDPR)? Companies are in need of an omnichannel system that aligns these issues with their own strategy, values and market developments. Today's business case will show how this can be done and gives you food for thought.

For almost a century, Keesing Technologies has been a global and trusted identity verification leader for organisations in various sectors, including the banking and finance sector. The Keesing team has accumulated extensive knowledge of ID verification and customer screening solutions suited for KYC projects by working together with financial institutions on a global scale. Keesing has developed customized solutions which make identity verification part of an efficient and modern policy that perfectly suits today's needs.

We thank all of our speakers for taking the time to travel from around the world (including Canada, US, Singapore, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg) to speak at this event.

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